Thursday, April 18, 2013

Storm Chasers Gonna Get Killed...

Was watching The Weather Channel's Mike Bettis gleefully report on how awesome it was to be near a developing tornado.   A bolt of lightning struck nearby scaring the group back into the safety of their vehicles.   In this era of dual pol doppler radars, I just don't see the point of folks trying to get into harm's way.  Some one is going to get killed, but I guess it's the thrill of being near danger, kinda like a skier going down that black diamond slope.  Same thing is going to happen with those who chase hurricanes. I'm way too old for those kinds of thills!

A rather strong cold front for mid April will bring back sweaters and jackets on Friday into midday on Saturday before a warm up starts Sunday.  We'll see some showers with this front over night into Friday morning, but the weekend will be dry.  Enjoy because in a couple of weeks we'll be crying..."it's too hot!"

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