Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let the MudFest Begin...

The final weekend of JazzFest 2013 begins on Thursday and workers have been frantically spreading sand & hay on low areas that flooded from Sunday & Monday's heavy rains.  Luckily. the Fairgrounds missed the rains today, but a Flood Watch continues thru Thursday evening with the POTENTIAL for more heavy (2-4") rainfall into early on Friday.  A strong cold front for early May will dry us out but keep temps in the 70s during the day and into the 40s & 50s at night over the weekend into early next week.  Enjoy it because it won't be long before we see our first 90+ high.  Our grounds are totally soaked so it won't take much more rain to cause instant street flooding.  Pay attention to the weather until the front passes thru on Friday.

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