Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Continues...And so does Weather

Thanks to all who offered kind words regarding my Mom's passing.  I've mentioned before how humbling it is to know that so many care about me.  I try to keep life's  challenges in balance knowing many others have it far worse.  My family will carry on as those in Oklahoma must also do.  My heart goes out to all who lost loved ones.  My Mom maybe gone, but her caring spirit will live thru her son.

This is my 36th termite season and last night's swarming was the worse I've ever seen.  It wasn't millions swarming, it was billions & billions.  Tonight isn't as bad, probably due to a few passing showers, but I suspect we'll see several more nights of swarming before the real heat of summer tells them mating season is over.  Another deep east coast trough will bring a weak cool front near us.  Not sure if it'll have enough push to get far offshore, but it's likely to trigger some showers on Friday before bringing drier air for the weekend.  We don't get cold anymore, but drier air will mean slightly cooler night temps.

NOAA came out today with their hurricane forecast (13-20 storms).   Gee, that's really helpful isn't it?  Weatherbell's Joe Bastardi is indicating that there are signs of an early June storm forming in the Western Caribbean.  Stay tuned!

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