Monday, May 6, 2013

Now it's "Weather Whiplash..."

Years ago it was called GLOBAL WARMING.  When the warming peaked in 1998, the strategy changed to CLIMATE CHANGE.   When it was pointed out by many scientists that the climate has always been changing, the AGW crowd decided to call their beliefs  WEATHER EXTREMES.  As the cooling continues (Coolest Spring in 200+ years), the new words are WEATHER WHIPLASH...extremes caused by a warming climate.  As the cooling continues and the winter of 2013-14 is even colder than 2012-13, what will they call it next?  Reminds me of a "religious" preacher who told his flock to just "drink the cool-aid"!

Our delightfully cool start to May is about to end.  We have yet to see an 80+ day.  Compare that to May 2012 when the 1st 6 days topped 80 and 2 topped 90.   The last day of Jazz Fest 2012 was 89 degrees.  This year the final day's high was 66 or 23 degrees cooler. Wow!   Look at your power bills.  Mine for April 2013 was 30% lower than April 2012.  Indeed, what an unusually cool Spring it's been.  You know the heat will arrive, but every day without it means one less day until the Fall cool fronts!

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