Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Andrea Forms in Gulf...

AF Hurricane Hunters found a closed circulation along with a small area of 40+ gusts this afternoon so NHC named it Andrea.  There is so much dry air & west wind shear around this system that I will not be surprised to see it down graded to a depression before landfall late Thursday.   There is ZERO threat to LA/MS as this system will accelerate to the NE during the day tomorrow and end up east of Boston by Saturday.   Wave heights have been decreasing tonight telling me winds are NOT increasing.  It's easy to second guess, but this appears to be another one of those weak storms that jack up the total numbers for the seasonal forecasts.  I'm thankful it's Tampa Bay's turn to stay on-air all night watching this storm.

As Andrea quickly moves away, we'll see some daytime heating storms Thursday & Friday with fewer showers for Saturday & Sunday.  In fact, computer models are indicating the 1st real heat wave of this summer is coming for late next week.  Get ready for mid-upper 90s...Yikes!

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