Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Bye Old Friend...

Those of you who have seen clips of my early years at Ch. 8 know I was a "dapper" dresser.  All right, maybe gaudy with wild plaids was a better description.  That all changed in 1985 when I met a fella named Don Noel.  Don was the General Manager of Porter-Stevens at Lakeside Shopping Center and claimed he could make me look more "professional".  Oh did he ever as for nearly 20 years the clothes I wore on TV were picked out and fitted by my friend Donnie.  Gone were the plaids & lapels wide enough to land a small airplane.  No more double breasted suits or sportcoats. (Don said those made me look shorter!)  In were color coordinated shirts & ties that made me a snappy dresser.  Don labeled my ties & suits with letters & numbers so I would know what went with what.  I was clueless, but Don made me look great.   We were also golfing buddies for the last 16 years...maybe not good at golf but good for each other.  He and I were like brothers and it was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye to Don on Saturday.  I will cherish all the great times we had.  Good bye dear friend.

Not that it matters, but TD # 2 has moved inland over Belize and will not threaten the northern Gulf.  The next 7-10+ days should stay quiet over the Tropics, but the MJO will head into the favorable(rising air) mode by the 1st week in July.   Look to see some development in the 10-14 day time frame hopefully after the July 4th holiday weekend.  Stay tuned!

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