Sunday, June 2, 2013

In the Name of Science???

Been on vacation watching CNN & The Weather Channel trying to justify tornado chasing in light of the 3 chasers killed this past week.  Here's my take...originally chasing was a good thing and still is to some extent.  It gives great real time video to forecasters watching dual Doppler radars helping in the warning process.   However, seeing the frame of the El Reno tornado on the Weather Channel showing 50-60 chaser vehicles within 5 miles of the storm, it's no wonder people were killed, experienced people at that.  Reminds me of the Hokie commercial on TV saying "everyone and their Grandma is now into lifting houses".    It appears that's what it's like with storm chasers. Some are experienced while others are just seeking that adrenaline rush and paycheck for getting up close video.  Same thing during hurricane coverage.  Someone is going to get hit and killed by flying debris live on air.  Is it really Science?  I think it's more about ratings and TV.  What say you?

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