Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chantal Struggling Tonight…

Hurricane Hunters around T.S. Chantal this evening had trouble finding a closed circulation and NHC indicates the storm is beginning to hit westerly wind shear that will prevent further strengthening.  In fact they indicate Chantal may not survive the mountains of Haiti & eastern Cuba before eventually moving up the east coast of Florida as a weak depression or minimal Tropical Storm.   Regardless, the environment ahead of Chantal looks very hostile & she will be more a rainmaker than a wind storm. Tonight's VIPIR run brings what's left of Chantal very near Miami and then up the east coast of Florida.  VIPIR does not bring her into the Gulf!   The system behind Chantal has weakened and no new storm is likely for the next 3-5 days.


Locally, an upper ridge dried us out today allowing for more sunshine, fewer shower & hotter temps.  That should be the case again Wed. & Thursday as highs will be 90-95.

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Thomas Gremillion said...

Thank you, Bob. Always a comfort.