Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dorian Forms Way Out...

The 4th named storm of the season is a tight swirl of clouds racing westward in the open Atlantic.  NHC slowly strengthens this system, however, in their discussion tonight they said…”Confidence in the intensity forecast is low”.   This system is so far out that to speculate where it might hit land in 7-10 days is pure folly.   Yet there they are, on the blogs talking like weather experts, trying to hype a system that is only a threat to shipping & fish!  C’mon folks, cool the scare tactics.  Let’s give this system several days to see if it even survives until the weekend.  Stay tuned!


Locally, we will continue with below normal shower chances for the next 2-3 days.  Perhaps by Sunday, another frontal boundary will slide south and increase our rain chances?


Alan said...

Thanks Bob. Miss seeing your predictions from Long Beach, Ms.
Please keep updating your hurricane predictions on your blog. Always appreciated how you justify what is going on in the tropics.
Keep it real as hype

Thomas Gremillion said...

Looks like Dorian's remnants are reforming with a new name about to label it. What's your take on it's forecasted intensity and inevitable gulf coast destination?