Thursday, July 18, 2013

Middle of the Tropics???

It seems like every day I open the paper & there’s another headline with the Global Warming Alarmist’s agenda.  Big, bold headlines in the USA TODAY says…”Broiling USA: “Middle of the Tropics”.    I can’t make this stuff up.   Read down in the 5th paragraph and you find this;


“Although this is the hottest weather so far this season, it is less than the extreme heat observed last summer (and in 2011) over these areas.”


Huh?  Then why is the headline so alarming?   It’s July…it’s supposed to be hot in the summer.  This has NOT been a hot Summer over most of the U.S.  NOAA claims June is the 5th hottest ever.  What they don’t tell you is that’s the AVERAGE (high & low divided by 2) temp.   Of course we all know that the ever expanding urban heat islands elevate the night time temps, but NOAA fudges…err…corrects for that.  I can’t wait for this coming Winter which is supposed to be the coldest since 1977-78.  Oh, of course, weather extremes.



An upper low is drifting westward and should enhance our daily rain chances for the next 2-3 days.  The tropics show no signs of life into August.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a sign of a coming little ice age.