Monday, July 8, 2013

MJO Said So 2 Weeks Ago…

In previous posts back in June I talked about the MJO going into its favorable (rising air) mode during the 1st part of July. We didn't see a storm in the Gulf the 1st week, but NW FLA saw 12-20+” of rain with 20-30 mph winds. Now week 2 has the 3rd named storm (Chantal) with the 4th (Dorian) likely later this week. Luckily for us it appears the east coast trough will be back retreating the surface Atlantic Ridge that will allow Chantal to curve to the north well east of FLA and not entering the Gulf. Today’s GFS model runs turn Chantal back to the west making landfall near Jacksonville and then bringing whatever is left back westward to us as a rain maker next week. That would keep the pattern of above normal clouds and showers going resulting in less hot temps for us.

Today marks the 8th straight day we have stayed below 90. This has been a drastically cooler Summer for much of the eastern 2/3 of the country compared to last year. You should notice it in lower energy bills.

The MJO will hopefully go back to the unfavorable (sinking air) mode by early August right during the time of historically peak hurricane activity. Stay tuned!

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