Monday, July 29, 2013

Record Cold Weekend...

It took some time, but the media is finally reporting on the unusually chilly air that covers much of the United States.   They jump on when it’s hot sending their reporters all over the place to make you believe this never has happened before.  We know it has and will again in the future. That’s the cycles of weather that are constantly in flux.  What I am reading is this summer pattern (much cooler & wetter) is comparable to 1962 & 1977.  The winters that followed were cold, snowy & brutal.  It would be nice to have early September cold fronts to put an end to the Hurricane Season in our part of the World.  It’s likely most storms this season will stay to our east and affect Florida and farther up the east coast.  Stay tuned!


In the short term, our shower coverage will be below normal resulting in high temps in the low to mid 90s.

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