Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Usual heat, but Unusual Lack of Rain

We are in what is historically the hottest 2 weeks of the summer.  We’re supposed to be 90-95 everyday as we were today.  What was unusual was the lack of any rain echoes on local radar.  None, nada, nothing.   As most long time residents know, it rains somewhere in our viewing area during this time of the year, but not today.  Storms were not that far away and we are likely to see some activity during the late PM hours during the next several days.  An unusually strong upper trough is bringing wave after wave of strong storms from Kansas to Florida.  We remain just to the west of this train track of heavy storms, but that could change any day with a slight shift back to the west.  It certainly is not “normal” to have no rain.  But weather is rarely “normal”.


A well defined low level circulation is moving westward off of Africa and NHC is giving it a 60% chance of becoming Trop. Storm Dorian during the next 2 days.  It’s soooo far out as to not get my attention since most models do not strengthen it.  Stay tuned!

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Cherie Busby said...

Bob..what is going on with Dorian?? It best not ruin my trip to Biloxi..we will be there from Aug 5th thru the 8th! :(