Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some one is Lying...C'mon !

Yep, yet another Global Warming story in today’s Times-Picayune.  NOAA says 2012 was one of the 10 warmest years for the U.S. on record with rising sea levels and melting Arctic ice.  What’s the problem here?  Someone is not telling the truth.  The real data ( not the stuff fudged by the government) doesn’t support these claims.  The PR firms hired by the government keeps feeding the main media and they lap it up.  Do some searching & you’ll find many don’t buy the government’s data.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of the lies.  We are not warming like the computer models have predicted.  Sea levels haven’t been rising as fast as computer models predicted.  Plus the ice in the Arctic is recovering and the Antarctic ice keeps expanding.   All this wouldn’t be so bad except there are folks who want to tax us & lower our standard of living in a futile effort to change Mother Nature.  Wait until this Winter arrives. It’s supposed to be the coldest since the brutal winter’s of the late 70s.  The AGW Alarmists will claim…”it’s weather extremes.”   Yep.


The Tropics remain quiet, but there are hints of activity picking up.  A tropical wave will slide across the Gulf Friday thru Sunday increasing our rain chances and making us less hot.  Computer models still aren’t seeing development thru 7 days, but beyond that I expect to see a 3-4 week burst of activity.  Remember, NOAA issues their storm update on Thursday.  The problem with their numbers are they oversee the agency (NHC) that determines what is a storm.  Can you see the conflict there?   Or as a lawyer friend would say…”the appearance of impropriety”!   Nah!



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