Thursday, January 2, 2014

Record cold Coming?

It’s plenty cold out tonight, but if you believe the computer models…”you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!”   Highs on Monday & Tuesday will struggle to top 40 with lows Tuesday diiping to 15-18 North Shore & 24-28 (Rec. is 23) on the South Shore.  NWS is calling it the coldest since January 2010.  Since our “pipe rule” calls for any temps below 28 for 4 hours or longer will cause some freezing of pipes, we’ll need to pay close attention.   In the short term, the current chill will be mainly a North Shore concern (27-31) tonight with temps 32-36 south of Lake P.


Where have all the Global warming alarmists gone?   Ice breaker stuck in Antarctica, blizzard on Long Island, below zero in Boston, minus 40+ in International Falls…The silence is deafening!  The PR firms have gone quiet for now.

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