Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cristobal Stalling?

NHC says Cristobal is "moving erratically".  What I see on tonight's satellite loop is little movement at all.   Water Vapor clearly shows an upper trough to the north, but it appears this trough is bypassing the storm.   Is there reason to be concerned?   Not yet, but I do not like weak, slow moving storms as computer models have terrible past track records regarding accuracy with these kind of ill defined systems.     Let's be clear here...NHC officially has this storm drifting to the NE over time and staying well off the east coast.   Until there are indications to believe a shift to the west will develop, I put my trust in NHC.    Again, we just need to pay attention, as we always do, and be on the lookout for a change in path that might bring the storm closer to the U.S.   No such shift is apparent tonight.

Locally, we should see showers around on Monday that will bring some cooling relief to our near record heat.

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