Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Evacuate The Gulf...

Geez, the GFS model certainly is scaring enough folks tonight.  It continues to show a well developed circulation/Tropical Storm/Hurricane entering the Gulf early next week making landfall to our west neat Port Arthur/Beaumont.  This is much farther west than this morning's landfall near Mobile.  Hummm...this is the same model that back in June developed a Hurricane over the eastern Gulf.  That didn't happen.   What bothers me is it's impossible to say where something is going before there is something to track.  In other words, it hasn't formed yet...and it may not form.  Do we just blow off the GFS model as an alarmist's model?   Perhaps, what I'm saying is we should not get our anxiety levels out of wack before we need to.  Sure we'll keep an eye out waiting for development...it's mid August after all.   But until there is something to track, a system that has a true center point, I'll be more focused on the heat wave that will make it dangerous to work outdoors for the next several days.

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