Sunday, August 17, 2014

Growing Old...Staying Young...

This post is not about weather, but about loving life.  Many years ago, a fellow worker told me..." if you want to look good on the outside, you have to feel good on the inside."  I've thought about that many times since Robin Williams' death.  Oh how he must not have felt good on the inside.   In the same token, for you to feel good on the outside, you also must look good too.   How many of us are not happy with our appearance?  Too heavy, too skinny, too many wrinkles yada, yada, yada.   Sometimes the "fixes- lap band surgery, face lift, boob job etc.)" are beyond our reach/finances so we just live with it.   

Back in 1975 in Dayton, Ohio I was doing a fashion show with Johnny Bench, the All Star catcher of the Cincinnati Reds as MC.  As I walked the runway, Johnny said..."Hey Breck, getting a little thin on top."  Several weeks later a viewer called and said..."Hey Breck, that's the worst hairpiece I've ever seen".  The problem was, I didn't wear a hairpiece!  That was my hair.  With my TV goal (at that time) being a larger market station, I chose to get a hairpiece in 1975 at age 28.   The style has changed over the years, but that's nearly 4 decades fooling with a wig.

Since I am at the time of my life that I work for fun, not money, I decided to make the bold step of undergoing Hair Restoration.  With the help of my wife Brenda, we chose a new procedure called ARTAS, Robotic Hair Restoration.  I tell you this as you will notice my wearing a bandage around my head for the next several weeks.  I'll still be wearing my hairpiece for a few months until my own hair grows out, but stay tuned for the "unveiling" sometime this Fall.  I feel good on the inside, but I hope to look better on the outside! 

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