Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gulf is Churning

Since we are, historically, in the most active part of Hurricane Season, it comes as no surprise to see the Tropics coming alive.   There are many clusters of storms from the Eastern Caribbean all the way thru the Gulf.  So far nothing appears to be getting better organized mainly because there is a lot of wind shear throughout the Tropics.  I am concerned to see the Gulf covered by many storms.  The weak circulation off of Brownsville appears to be associated with an upper low while a new cluster looks to be perking up over the central Gulf south of us.   That is the area I'll be focusing on for development but it will have to overcome that strong westerly shear over the northern Gulf.   Models do indicate a surge of moisture coming into Louisiana by Friday PM with Saturday looking stormy at times.  Sunday & Monday look to be drier.   At the moment, I'm monitoring the Gulf.  Stay tuned!

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