Monday, September 8, 2014

Halls of place to be

In boot camp in 1970 I learned the Marine Corps Hymn..."From the Halls of Montezuma..."  All I knew is Montezuma was somewhere in Mexico.  Of course we have all heard of "Montezuma's Revenge" referring to "traveler's disease" when you contracted a virus from drinking the water.  This past weekend, I visited Montezuma and found it not a place to be.  Not sure what I ate but I became so bloated I felt pregnant!   It's a fast way to lose weight, but unlike Marie Osman, there is no fun involved.  I'm eating some food tonight and hope to be back on Ch. 8 on Tuesday.

Weatherwise, we remain in the doldrums of late Summer.   A weak frontal boundary got close, but it did not have enough push to drive through.   This week will see little relief from our 90 degree heat until another front tries to sneak through over the weekend.   Bismarck, ND topped 90 today while less than 200 miles to the NW in Canada temps were in the 30s & 40s.  It doesn't look like an east coast upper trough is developing this week so this late week front will have to rely on the momentum of the very cold air.

Last Thursday I warned about the flooding over the SW due to the tropical moisture flowing in from a former hurricane.  Sure enough, it was major network news coverage tonight.   Fortunately the Tropics in our part of the World remains quiet.   A system way out in the Atlantic probably will become our next named storm, but computer models curve it away from the U.S.  I think I saw the "Fat Lady" enter the auditorium, but it's far too soon for her to get on stage.  Another 3-4 weeks & she should be singing!  Stay tuned!

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