Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello & Goodbye all in one day

As I mentioned last night (and NHC confirmed at 1 AM), Tropical Storm Dolly would be named.  She won't last very long as her center has already made landfall south of Tampico, Mexico.  Our luck continues as none of the 4 named storms so far this year has threatened the northen Gulf.   No signs that will change anytime soon.  Have followed an interesting complex of storms tonight.  They hammered north & central LA/MS this afternoon and held together as they march to the coast tonight.  Whatever this feature is, I'll monitor it to see if anything forms once it reaches the warm waters of the Gulf.   The complex has been weakening this evening and computer models totally died it off before daybreak.   In fact, they have us mostly dry on Wednesday.   Without fronts coming, it's really hard to forecast anything except it'll stay way too hot!  Stay tuned!

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