Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time to come out of the closet

Yep, we are now in October and computer models for the next 10-14 days are bringing cold front after cold front down into the Gulf South.  The one coming this Friday will bring only slightly cooler air, but the much lower humidity will give this weekend that Great Fall Feeling!  Around the 10-12th , a really deep east coast trough will drag down some real sweater weather so I think it’s time to head into the closets and start getting the cold weather gear ready.   Perhaps you’ll need to get some stuff to the dry cleaners or maybe just donate the older , but still good clothes to the needy.  Whatever, it’s time to get into your closets and come out with the gear we’ll need later this month.


Since we are now into October and none of the computer models develop anything in the Gulf the next 10-14 days, we can say with a high degree of confidence that this hurricane season is over for us.   Certainly there is always an outside chance for a surprise, but I’d place that chance at less than 5 %.   Bring on the fronts.

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