Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st of many Big Chills

During my 43 years broadcasting weather, I know once a weather pattern is established, it often takes many months to change.   Look at this year’s hurricane season.   The pattern was set early for storms to turn or form east of Florida & not come into the Gulf.  Same is true with the past 2 Winters.  East coast trough keeps redeveloping bringing down lots of cold air from Canada.  So what are we seeing lately?   More East Coast troughs.   Hummm…can anyone say BRUTAL WINTER AGAIN?!!!   The buzz last year was POLAR VORTEX.   What ya think they gonna call it this year?  SUPER POLAR VORTEX?   Whatever, if this pattern continues expect many nights of freezes here even on the South Shore.   Add in moisture and can you see some flakes flying here?   Why not?  


In the short term, Friday should be another nice day with plenty of sunshine.  After a chilly start in the 40s & 50s, highs should reach 70-75.  By late afternoon and, especially after dark, you’ll notice the winds crank up driving in some unseasonably cold air that will require sweaters, jackets & maybe even some heavier coats.  Temperatures will feel colder on Saturday due to the “wind chill” effect.   Lows Sunday morning could dip to near freezing north of Lake P.  Fireplace time folks!

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