Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big Chill is Coming...

After another day of near record warmth (84, record is 85),  the 1st of 2 cold fronts has already pushed down to our coast.    A stronger surge of cold air arrives after dark on Friday that will bring in the coldest air since last March.  Before then, Thursday and Friday will be delightful with plenty of sunshine & comfy temps (70s).  after midnight on Friday, the cold will be driving down in full force and by daybreak on Saturday, sweaters & jackets will be needed with temps in the 40s & wind chills down into the 30s.  Highs Saturday & Sunday will stay in the 60s with lows Sunday morning on the North Shore just above freezing!   A rapid warm up returns on Monday with highs in the 70s to 80+ on Tuesday.


FYI…big headline in USA TODAY…”Warning bells on Warming”  ( yep, I know these stories come out right before it gets real cold!)   U.N. Panel report says “irreversible” climate extremes loom.   The paper says “the report will likely be the primary document used next year in France (figures!) when world leaders meet to create a BINDING agreement on climate change.   Translation…Government “leaders”/politicians decide to raise taxes and impose restrictions on the standard of living in the ‘richer” countries.  Will any of those restrictions reverse “climate change” (climate has ALWAYS been changing)?  Of course not, but it will make some folks feel better and will make those connected to the political system (Al Gore) richer.   Climate runs in CYCLES and, despite the fudging of data, the Earth has entered a COOLING CYCLE.   Reduce pollution?  Sure.   Control weather and climate?   Nope.  Stay tuned as governments try to get deeper into your wallets.

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