Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I've Got Sweaters, Lots of Sweaters...

Yea it sure was nice to have a sweater on last Saturday evening when I went to dinner in the Quarter.  Enough of a chill in the air to make it comfy cool yet, just right with my new Birthday Sweater from my wife.    Got so excited that I decided to swap out my summer clothes for my winter duds.   Duh…too soon little fella as summer is not quite ready to leave the Gulf South.  We do have another front coming late on Monday that will bring back the good feel air, however, it will not be as strong as last weekend’s.   So when will we get cold and stay cold?  Usually that happens after Thanksgiving…but I’m already ready for it.   My guys at WeatherBell Analytics are in stark contrast with the Winter Outlook put out by NOAA.  NOAA claims that it is “unlikely” for a Winter as cold and snowy as last year.   WeatherBell says it could be colder & snowier, especially farther into the Deep South!   Does that excite all you cold weather geeks?   I’m looking for my snow shovel !   Nah, I left that back in Dayton in 1978.  Stay tuned!

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JetfireK said...


Thank You for your brilliant weather reports. "Accuracy" must be your "middle name" so take another look at your birth certificate, I'm sure you'll find it there!