Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh Woe is He...

Dr. Jeff Masters is a big Global Warming/Climate Change Alarmist.  His Weather Underground is featured on The Weather Channel so he gets plenty of press when they want him to get it…translation…when it fits their agenda.  Today he was talking about the quietest hurricane season since 1986.   Wow…to me that’s big news yet what do the networks cover?  A bogus story about the decreasing seal population.   Give Dr. Forbes credit for pointing out the tornado numbers are again way down this year…but wait a minute.  Didn’t they say we’d see more storms, most intense storms yada, yada in a warming climate?    Perhaps the CYCLE of climate has entered a cooling phase?   Nah, even the 3rd brutal winter in a row won’t change the faithful.  Somehow that will be part of the weather extremes.   I only mention all this because hardly a day goes by without something being said regarding climate change.   The PR firms are cranking out the propaganda without allowing any dissent.  Kinda like what China does.   Hummm.


Alright, now that I vented, I feel great about our coming weekend.  This will be the coolest air in nearly 6 months.   It will bring out the sweaters & jackets at night, but the days will just feel comfy.   Best chances for rain appear to be 6-9 AM Friday with the front sweeping thru before noon.  Enjoy you weekend.



















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