Monday, October 27, 2014

Several Fronts Coming, Slim Rain Chances

Since we have not seen any rainfall for over 2 weeks, we really could use a few showers as 2 fronts head our way.  The 1st arrives on Wednesday and gives us the only opportunity for a few showers.  The 2nd sweeps through late Friday evening, but will have no moisture to work with so no rain is expected with it.   after near record warmth on Tuesday (82-86), the rest of the week will revert to more Fall like temps in the 70s.  In fact, Saturday's highs may struggle to get out of the 60s with brisk north winds!   That will result from a deepening east coast trough that could bring the first significant widespread snow to the folks up in Pittsburgh & Buffalo!   Burrrrr!   As the "special man" used to say..."Let 'em have it!"

NHC named Tropical Storm Hanna on it's 6 AM advisory and issued its last advisory on Hanna 16 hours later.   In my 43 years of tracking storms, I don't ever remember that happening.  What's that you say?   NOAA's preseason predictions called for 8-13 named storms.  Duh...who knew the connection!

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