Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time to come out of the Closet

After record breaking warmth (87) today, several cold fronts will have us heading into our closets for the heavy weather gear  this weekend.  The 1st front arrives Wed. PM bringing us a slight chance for some much needed rainfall (15 dry days in a row!)    Slightly cooler and less humid air follws the front, but a much stronger surge of cold air arrives after dark on Halloween.  No rain will be with that front since low level moisture will be limited.   Saturday morning,  gusty north winds 15-25 will probably prevent temps. from climbing out of the 60s despite all day sunshine.  Sunday starts chilly, but a warming trend begins in the PM that will have us back to near 80 + for Monday & Tuesday.   Below zero temps are growing across northern Canada as the nights get longer and the snow pack increases.   It’s only a matter of time before Old Man Winter will make this little fella looking forward to Spring.   I can take some cold, but I don’t like the freezes.   Stay tuned!

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