Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekend Cooldown Still On Track

Hard to believe we topped 90+ again, & when you factor in how muggy it was today, one would have thought it was still August.  But it is October and this next front is showing no signs of backing off bringing us the coolest weather in nearly 6 months.  Timing still looks like the best rain chances happens between 6-9 AM with the wind shift occurring before noon.  However, the real chill doesn't filter in until after dark and by daybreak on Saturday you may want a sweater!   Coldest morning should be on Sunday when lows will be 45-48 N-Shore and 55-60 S-Shore.  After Friday's showers, no rain is expected until Tuesday of next week.    Open the windows this weekend, turn off the A/C & get out and enjoy!

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