Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter Could be Wild !!!

I remember living in Dayton, Ohio back in the winters of 76-77 & 77-78.  The cold was brutal & the snow was deep. My friends at WeatherBell Analytics are indicating that there are signs in the ocean temperatures of the Pacific that are similar to those back in the 70s.   They believe this is going to be another really cold and snowy Winter with the snow dipping farther into the Deep South.     Tonight a really deep upper low is driving cold air & snow as far south as Atlanta.   It has winds howling on this Halloween night and you’ll want the heavier coats for Saturday morning.   NWS has issued a Freeze Watch for the North Shore for Sunday morning as temps. could dip to near freezing.     If this big dip in the Jet stream is an indication of future East Coast troughs,  get ready to see some unusual weather (weather extremes?) here for December & January.   The problem I have with really cold Winters here is our southern homes are not built for the severe cold like up north.  Freezing temps. often mean frozen/busted pipes.   Not nice.  Stay tuned!

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JetfireK said...

Once again, we thank you! I would have forgotten, completely, to buy wrappings for my pipes. You are a very special weatherman and much appreciated.