Friday, November 7, 2014

Cool Before the Cold

If you’re dressed for it, this will be a terrific weekend of comfy cool temperatures & low humidity.  As we get deeper into November, the warm spells will be briefer & the cold bursts more intense.   I have been talking about an Arctic Blast  coming for late next week and I still think that is likely to happen.  Latest computer runs have backed off of that chill coming down to the Gulf coast, but usually they lift out the east coast troughs too quickly.    Much of the eastern 2/3rds of the country will feel the cool down with the Great Lakes and Northeast feeling the brunt of the chill.  Since the Great lakes are relatively warm, the bitterly cold air will produce blizzard conditions in the usual snow belt areas.   We’ll see a brief warm up Monday-Wednesday with a gradual cooling Thursday-Saturday.   Just how cold we’ll get is the big question.   My gut says the 1st Arctic blast will graze us (Thurs-Saturday) with the stronger surge coming next Sunday.   I’ve got all my winter gear ready, not really wanting more cold, but prepared for whatever Old Man Winter dishes out.   Bring it on!

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