Sunday, November 16, 2014

Extreme Changes

Wow, no wonder folks get sick in the Fall/Winter time as temperatures swing from too cold (30s) one day to near Spring-like(77) 2 days later.  The body doesn’t have time to acclimate, hence folks get the sniffles, colds & flu.   Another Arctic Blast arrives after midnight and it’ll be back to the heavy weather gear on Monday as temperatures fall from the 50s into the 40s by midday with strong north winds.  Record cold is likely for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings before another big warm up returns for late week.   Some welcomed rains will accompany the front tonight with a rumble or two of thunder.  This up & down pattern is likely to continue for the rest of this month.


On a more serious note, I underwent my annual physical this week and had great blood work!   I have been feeling terrific with lots of energy and was down 9 lbs. since last December.  However, my long time internist was concerned that my normal low heart rate (48-53 – long time runner) had dipped down to 33 beats/min.   Bottom line, I have undergone extensive cardio testing and doctors have told me I need a pacemaker.  My heart is pumping very efficiently.  This is not a blockage problem, but an electrical one.   I have family history so it is not totally unexpected.  However, I have none of the symptoms (light headedness, fainting, no energy, exhaustion ) that someone with such a low heart rate usually has.   This could require some time off from Ch. 8 and my blog site.   Please live each day as it might be your last.  You never know when your health takes a turn to the south.   Hopefully I’ll have good news for you tomorrow night?  Stay tuned!


Deacon Jimmy said...

Bob, my prayers are with you. My Dad (who is 85) has been through a massive heart attack in mid 70's and pacemaker/defib installation and several battery changes and replacements ever since. Although we worry, it is a common procedure now. I am confident you will be just fine and I thank you for your level headed approach to delivering us the weather for as long as you have. And looking forward to many more years from you!! God bless.

JetfireK said...

We beg you take extremely good care of yourself, listening to your physicians, as you have always been "Our Heartbeat!"

LCPatterson said...

Jonathan Settoon and his family ( the Pattersons) send their Love and Prayers. God Bless and this too shall pass.