Friday, November 14, 2014

Global Warming Again?

Yep, tonight on Jeff Master’s blog on wxunderground, he’s talking about a new study that says “Lightning will be more frequent & destructive in a warming climate”.  Just as a massive Arctic air mass chills much of the lower 48 with an even colder blast coming for next week, they can’t give it up.   Dr. Masters should know this simple fact…More people die from cold waves than from heat waves.   Yet, they seem to ignore any facts except the ones fed to them by their cronies either in government or in academia.     With more record cold coming to more and more of the U.S. I fully expect the AGW crowd to come out next week with a report explaining the recent cold is due to the warming of the Arctic that causes the jet streams to buckle.  In other words, warming causes EVERYTHING !


As we shiver tonight,  I do have some good news.   We will warm up for Saturday & Sunday.  Don’t get use to it as another strong front will trigger some heavy showers & T-Storms late Sunday into Monday with even colder freezing temps coming for Monday thru Wednesday.  I’m going home to light a fire, burn some wood, increase my carbon foot print and try to stay warm.

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