Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow means Slow

On the biggest travel day of the year, a major rain/snow storm will cause serious delays, perhaps total shutdowns of several airports from D.C. to Boston.  Locally, we’ll have no travel issues whether it’s driving or flying.   The surrounding major hubs (Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta) should have mostly clear skies.  Not so from Charlotte northeastward.   The best traveling weather will be heading west from New Orleans.   Enjoy your time with family and friends as time becomes more precious later in life.    We should stay cool but dry through Friday with a big weekend warm up that should have us in the 70s into next week.  No rain before next Wednesday.

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JetfireK said...

Thank you for the Good Weather News and we are all very happy that you are feeling good which in turn makes us feel even better. God Bless Our Beloved Weatherman!