Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Southern Thanksgiving...

While the folks up north dig out or shuffle thru the slush, we enjoy lunch OUTSIDE at Audubon Park or in the French Quarter, hits some golf balls or pull in some fish.  They may say…”you have to endure that brutal summer”.   Yea, but I’ll take the summer heat over the problems that come with winter cold anytime. 


Today & Tonight the Northeast has dealt with a major rain/snow storm that produced huge travel delays.  Another surge of cooler air is coming here for Thanksgiving, but it will not be nearly as cold as a week ago.   In fact, if you’re dressed for it, Thursday and Friday will be delightful with plenty of sunshine & comfy cool temps.  A big warm up comes for this weekend with no rain likely before next Wednesday.  Enjoy the Holiday!

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JetfireK said...

What a charming weather report! Now where else in the world could we find a weather man who has such personality, wit and charm to advise us that it's time to fish, golf and just enjoy such a delightful day?
Thank You, Dank u zeer, Merci,Gracias!