Sunday, November 2, 2014

We All Gonna Die...

Well the latest IPCC Report is out and surprise, surprise, they blame man for the warming climate and unless we change our way, by the year 2100 (you kiddin’ me?)  the Earth’s warming will be irreversible.   The reality of life is this.   The earliest snows EVER fell way down into the South yesterday.  Slidell dipped to 31 degrees this morning and more cold is on the way.    But life in the Media is “never let facts get in the way of a good story”.   Fact #1 is… the great climate models failed to predict the recent slow down in warming and what appears to be the start of a cooling CYCLE.   However, the climate prophets continue to preach the gospel of warming.   Will they change their message of doom & gloom when the facts don’t support their CO2 THEORY?   Nope, what they will do, and already have, is change the preaching to WEATHER EXTREMES even if the extremes continue to be COLD EXTREMES!   Fact # 2…the “other side” of the climate debate is almost never allowed on network TV.  CNN gave my mentor, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, some air time this weekend.  That is not the norm.   John is a big opponent of global warming.


All right, let me shift back to the coming cold.    The past weekend chill can be traced back to a Pacific hurricane (Ana) that helped bring “Polar Vortex 1” down from Canada.   I expect the same pattern to redevelop late this week in response to the remains of Typhoon  Vance deepening the east coast  trough again…Polar Vortex 2!    We should see a rapid warm up for Monday thru Wednesday as highs return to the 70s & 80s.  Our best rain chances in weeks will arrive late Wednesday into Thursday before another big chill has us flirting with freezing again on the North Shore for Friday & Saturday.   As I mentioned in previous blogs, once a seasonal pattern is established, it often lasts for several months.   All signs point to a return to the Winters of the late 70s when the cold was brutal and the snows were deep across much of the northern states.   Six years ago I had rotator cuff surgery in December and I remember going to the doctor (I believe it was Dec.11th?) for a pre-surgery check up and the snows were falling enough to whiten the ground for several hours around midday.  Could this be our year for several bouts of the white stuff?   Or perhaps the big freeze like back in 1989 that froze part of Lake Pontchartrain?   Hey, I’m no fan of the cold weather, but it sure beats having to fool with hurricane evacuations!  Stay tuned!


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