Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sounding Like a Broken Record

Today was day 18 without rain at FOX 8, a long dry spell that really began back in June.  We are in our 7th straight month of below normal/average rainfall with our yearly deficit now over 8”.   Any relief coming?  The discussion from our local NWS office pretty well summed it up.   “Sounding like a broken record…over the next 3 days things will remain quiet”.   Translation….NO RAIN is expected.   In fact, our next rain chance late Monday-Tuesday doesn’t look that promising as the main energy will race far to our north.  That is the same energy plowing into California tonight.


In the short term, our nights will be chilly, but not frigid.  Afternoon highs will sneak up several degrees each day making it very pleasant with plenty of sunshine and not much wind.   Compared to the storms along each coast, our weather for mid December is Great !

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