Thursday, December 18, 2014

Who You Gonna Call? Droughtbusters!

Yep, it sure looks like our dry pattern is coming to an end with several more rain opportunities coming before Christmas.  We need it since our yearly deficit is nearing 10”.  Friday looks rainy at times with the moisture coming in several waves.  There will be some dry hours mixed in with the showers but you should plan on having your rain gear handy.  Most of the showers should be gone by early Saturday with cooler and drier air filtering in behind a cold front.  That front stalls over the northern Gulf and another wave of moisture could be back over us towards dark on Sunday into early Monday.   But there’s more!  A strong cold front will blow through early on Tuesday with more showers so our CYCLE of dry weather may be turning wet during the next several  weeks & months.  That’s how the Planet operates, in CYCLES of dry and wet, cold & hot.


Traveling to Mom & Dad’s for Christmas week?   If you’re driving, I see no icing issues unless you are going north of a Memphis-D.C. line.   There will be a big storm develop early next week that will cause major air travel delays for folks trying to get home before Christmas.  Stay tuned!

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