Friday, January 2, 2015

Aw C'Mon...It's January !

As I finish up my annual end of year vacation and return to work on Monday, I arrived back in N.O. this evening to hear all 3 network news programs going gaga over the “brutal” weather across the country.  Snow in the NE, Arctic Cold pouring down from Canada with even snow in the hills of southern California eastward into west Texas.   The reporters showed car wrecks, people struggling on the icy streets (who knew?) & God forbid, stunned residents who were surprised by it all.  Duh!   Folks it’s January…it’s supposed to be cold…it’s supposed to snow…there will be storms.   That’s why I (and millions of others) moved to the South where that stuff is infrequent & doesn’t last long.  I was born outside Chicago and thought Winter was “Normal”.   As my body has aged, it tells me cold (anything below 60!) is bad for me.   Why is it the young people in charge of news report EVERYTHING like it hasn’t happened before?   Geez, their 30-40 years on this Planet is less than a sentence in the Book of Life.   Get a grip folks up north, folks out west, folks even down south.   It is January and history tells us we are in the second month of Meteorological Winter.  In fact, we are approaching the coldest 2 weeks, historically, before the higher sun angle takes over during early February and the northern Hemisphere starts the warming called Spring.


We have returned to the warm air sector and that usually requires us to pay attention as strong cold fronts sometimes trigger strong T-Storms.  That could happen during the afternoon & early evening hours on Saturday.   So keep up on the weather until we get back into the cold air on Sunday.   Did I say cold air?   Forgive me Gang…cooler air that will keep us in the 50s for highs.   Burrr!   Stay tuned.

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