Thursday, January 15, 2015

Half Way Through...

Today marks the midpoint of Meteorological Winter, and after today, I’m ready for Spring.   Even you “cold air freaks” gotta admit today’s cold rain was pretty miserable and our 5th day without any bright sunshine has most folks depressed.  Finally it looks like we should see 3-4 days where the sun (filtered at times) will be out and that should result in warmer temperatures.   However, the longer range (7-10 days) computer models are hinting that more Arctic Cold will be returning to the lower 48 after this weekend’s “January Thaw”.   Will that chill extend down to us?  Right now it appears it will arrive on Thursday and bringing back the heavy weather gear.   Until then we’ll see a gradual warm up that should see us more seasonable (60-65). 


A couple of weather tidbits.   A snowfall comparison in Boston…2014 15+”,  January 2015 4+”,  or how about San Francisco’s rainfall   December 2014 10”+. January 2015 so far…ZERO.     But that’s how weather works.   There are cycles and there are no “normals”.   I still feel we will see the snowfall increase over the Great Lakes & NE for late January through February with one or two major ice & snow storms across parts of the Deep South.   With Mardi Gras coming so early this year, many parades could endure some really cold rides.  Stay tuned!

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