Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wrap Your Pipes...Please !

I keep hearing local weathercasters say…’ you’ll need to wrap your pipes”.  Are you like me?  You can just scream.  Of course you wrap your pipes…ONCE.  That insulation is left on season to season.  No one should UNWRAP their pipes.     Another one that gets my blood going is…”you’ll need to protect  plants, pets & pipes”.  Viewer calls and asks (no foolin’!)  …”what about PEOPLE?”   Duh !  Are you kiddin’ me?    And these people are allowed to vote?   Oh well.


Since computer guidance brings teens to the North Shore & mid to upper 20s south Shore for Thursday AM,  The NWS is forced to issue a Freeze Watch.   My thinking that the model is wrong/too cold is based on 1) the lack of nearby snow cover & 2) Lake Pontchartrain water temps are still in the mid 50s.   That should allow the Arctic air to moderate some during daytime heating  & the Lake should moderate the overnight chill at least for the East Bank on the South Shore.  The upper trough that is driving the chill our way quickly lifts back to the NE on Friday keeping the core of the cold to our north & east.    Stay tuned!   I moved my potted plants inside this afternoon…FYI


JetfireK said...

I do not feel hearing Wrap your pipes can be heard too often. It reminds us that while today is 80 next couple of days will be in the 20's. So I send your blog to all my southern friends and they are grateful.
Sometimes when a person is weather knowledgeable they forget that busy moms and dads with active kids tend to forget. So thanks to everyone who says, Wrap your pipes!

Mark Maloney said...

Mr. Bob, I use an HD antenna to watch your broadcast. Tonight I'm experiencing an enormous amount of signal degradation. Is it possible that this morning's geomagnetic storm is still lingering in the atmosphere?

Just curious ...

Mark Maloney