Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1st Come the Parades, then the Freeze Watch !

Of course parade weather is our first focus and it appears the only issues for the next 4 days will be how cold & how windy>  We have zero rain chances until Monday & Tuesday despite several fronts coming.  Low level Gulf moisture has been swept far offshore and will not return until Monday.  These next 2 fronts will just bring some clouds but no rain.  Thursday & Sunday will be our breezy days with Friday & Saturday having much less wind.  Now into next week…South winds will return clouds & the Gulf Muggies on Monday with a few late showers.  Rain chances on Fat Tuesday will start low (20-30%) in the AM, increase to 50-60% by 2 PM and near 100% after 4 PM.   A strong Arctic front blows through before dark dropping temps from the 70s into the 40s.   Ash Wednesday will be windy and “brutally” cold with highs struggling to get above 40.  There are  hints of a frozen mix in Louisiana very close to us on Wednesday followed by freezing temps for Thursday morning.  Winter is far from over.  Stay tuned!

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Nashette said...

Snow/sleet on northshore for Mardi Gras night???? WOW.... it will be in the 70's during the day! That's some huge drop in temps.