Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bravo PDO !

In today’s Weather Underground blog, Dr. Jeff Masters finally admitted what many scientists have known for years…Ocean currents are the main driver of climate change.  Dr. Masters gives a convincing discussion regarding the PDO, Pacific Decadal Oscillation.  He even mentions the “hiatus” for the last 15 years regarding the lack of warming despite the yearly increase in CO 2.  What he cleverly didn’t mention is this.   NONE of the global climate models saw this lack of cooling.  Again, the debate should not be…has there been Global Warming during the past 40 years?   The debate should be…What is the DRIVER of climate change?   One group tied to government funding believes it’s CO 2.   Many, and I stress many not connected to any funding from energy companies, believe ocean currents, volcanoes & changes in the sun’s energy drive climate change.   Keep reading Gang.  Keep educating yourselves and looking at all data, not just the data provided by NOAA, NASA & other government funded agencies that are themselves driven by an agenda.   Against Pollution?   Absolutely!     Against lowering our standard of living?

Absolutely not!  


We have another weather change coming for Wednesday as a fast moving upper disturbance will spread a large shield of rain, snow & ice across much of the South.  We’ll stay in the 40s so no icing problems will be near us.  Traveling anywhere to the north will involve travel delays on Wednesday.  Thursday & Friday look dry but chilly.  We will see a warming over the weekend with next week much warmer (70s).  Stay tuned!

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