Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oh What a Blast!

Someone sent a drone up over Niagara Falls with a camera and the pictures were spectacular!   Mother Nature is putting on quite a show for February after a fairly mild January.  Lake Erie has iced over with the other deeper Lakes not far behind.  Boston is nearing it’s all time snowfall  record and now the chill has pushed down through Miami where morning lows could dip into the upper 30s.   Since some of you believe I am not qualified to speak about climate change (but Al Gore is?!!!), I’ll just let the data speak for itself. 


Our chill will leave for a couple of days as the cold surface high drifts to the east allowing winds to return off the Gulf.  This will bring back the muggies along with some rain chances and much warmer temperatures.  Friday’s highs will get into the 60s (normal is 66) with Saturday soaring into the mid to upper 70s.  Winds will be brisk from the south with gusts to 30+.  Our next front arrives early on Sunday with some showers followed by much colder air (40s) once again.   That front is likely to stall along the coast making for a dreary stretch of cold, damp weather Monday through Wednesday.  I will enjoy the warmth this weekend before we go back to the heavy weather gear next week.

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

Thanks for all the blog updates during Mardi Gras!!! This blog was my go to site for updates on the weather. After a cold morning and once the parades started, I didn't feel the cold as much and turned out to be a fun day.

Oh Al would be disappointed, I had a tree cut down in my backyard last week. I got tired of cleaning the pool with it blooming twice a year, then the leaves falling in November. Plus it was always a concern during hurricane season...

Bob, you will always have an uphill battle with the GW people. One can go back to the 1970's and find these people were making the same type of predictions 40 years ago...but I know you have a following of people that believe otherwise...but keep fighting the fight...its worth it.