Monday, February 9, 2015

REX Block Will keep Us Dry...Hail REX !

As I showed last Friday, computer guidance indicated a “REX Block” was developing across the west.  In Meteorology, a Rex Block forms when we have an upper level high sitting atop of an upper low.  This usually results in a stalled  pattern so if you are having dry weather, you are likely to remain dry.  Conversely, if you are cold & snowy, you are likely to stay cold & snowy.  These cycles/patterns typically last several days to a week which would mean no rain is likely here before Mardi Gras at the soonest.    Now we are likely to be noticeably cooler from today’s mid-upper 70s, but the next 4-5 days look terrific IF YOU ARE DRESSED FOR IT. Daytime highs 55-60 with night time lows 38-43 would be welcomed by folks in Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo & especially Boston.   As we head toward Fat Tuesday, I see a much warmer day compared to Mardi Gras 2014 when the high was 37 with a drippy light rain making it feel miserable.  Can you handle highs 70-75 with only a 20-30% chance for PM showers?  Get ready to party hardy…All Hail REX, the REX Block that is !  Stay tuned!

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