Thursday, February 12, 2015

Science is Settled ? tell that to Boston.

Of course we have all heard the repeated phase of the AGW crowd…The Science is settled.   Hummm, I wonder what they must think about the new report out today that says now  eating eggs are OK and not bad for your heart after hearing government scientists preach “eggs are bad for your heart”.   What happened to the “Settled Science”?   Can you say…new data?    Ya think that might happen with the AGW Alarmists?    Nah, despite the record snows and soon to be record cold temperatures,  they keep preaching it’s all due to AGW.   Data be damned, we will not change our faith.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make some scrambled eggs in the morning!


Burrr, it’s cold out tonight and Friday will be nippy struggling to get out of the 40s.   Saturday looks much warmer (65-70) with Sunday slightly cooler (59-63).  The real changes come on Monday as clouds return along with rain chances.  Remembering the folly of shutting down New York 2 days in advance of the blizzard that missed them?  Let’s not get too carried away with current models that make Fat Tuesday very ugly, cold, windy & wet.   It will depend on the timing of the cold front as to whether part of the day will be OK, or that much of the day will be crummy.  One thing that appears certain…much colder air arrives during the day on Tuesday.  We need to watch out for a wave to form on the front once it passes into the Gulf.   Models don’t show that yet, but if that happens, we could see some frozen precipitation near us late Tuesday into Wednesday.   Stay tuned!

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