Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some Warmth, some cold, but NO RAIN !!!

Every year at this time the focus is on parade weather.  Usually one or two of the several days leading up to Carnival get wiped out with a miserable cold rain.  That will not happen this year as we currently have a pattern that keeps the main storm track far to our north with the southern sub-tropical jet stream currently cut off.  We will be getting several cold fronts but each should come through dry.  Between the fronts we’ll have some brief warming (Wed, Sat, Mon_Fat Tues) with the only chance for rain coming next week ahead of a powerful cold front that won’t arrive until after dark on Tuesday.  In fact, some computer models are developing a deep cutoff low (Polar Vortex) over the Northeast that could produce a major winter storm for areas that haven’t received all the snow like Boston.   This could be a crippling storm that shuts down travel for days.  For us it could bring freezing temps. down to the South Shore (hard freeze N-Shore)so we will have to really pay attention next week for an Arctic Blast since Canada still has 25-35 degree below zero temperatures.  Stay tuned!

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