Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Isn't Fair...

For many of us who have suffered a loss of a loved one far too early in life, you wonder why me?  Life sucks.  It just isn’t fair.   That’s how I think the people of Moore, Oklahoma (suburb of Oklahoma City) feel tonight.  In 1999 they suffered a direct hit of an EF5 tornado and history repeated in 2013 with another EF5 tornado.   This evening’s tornado outbreak hit Moore again with  damage to many buildings & a radio tower.  Fortunately, it appears it wasn’t as strong as the previous twisters, but c’mon Mother nature, enough is enough.   The only death so far was reported at a mobile home park west of Tulsa.  This was the 1st tornado outbreak in 2 months as this season has been unusually quiet.


Our weather will be changing on Thursday as a cold front will sweep through.   The day should be mostly dry through about noon with showers arriving between noon & 4 PM.  Rain chances will decrease rapidly once the front arrives around 7 PM and cooler temperatures will require sweaters and jackets for Friday & Saturday mornings.  No rain over the weekend with a warming trend on Sunday getting us back to near 80.   If you are planning a trip to the Northeast any time soon, you still need to take the heavy weather gear.  Some models even hinting at some snow possible for Easter weekend!  Life isn’t fair!   That’s why God created the South!

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JetfireK said...

I have always wondered why tornadoes, more often than not, tend to touch down in mobile park areas.
To your knowledge is there any reasoning for this, especially since there are far less mobile homes than houses?