Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thursday Front Fast Mover...

We are far from the time where fronts lose their steering and stall across the Gulf South as Summer approaches.  That usually happens late April into May.  Right now we have strong west winds flowing over us so our next front that arrives on Thursday PM will be a quick mover.   The challenge will be the timing of any T-Storms ahead of the front.    Based on our VIPIR model, the highest rain chances will be between 3-6 PM on Thursday.   There could be some heavy down pours with lightning , thunder and gusty winds to 30+, but no severe weather is expected.   The better news is behind the front, cooler and drier air will make for a great feeling weekend with lower humidity & comfy cool temps under bright sunshine.  Morning lows will dip into the 40s away from Lake P. on the South Shore for both Saturday & Sunday.  Sunday PM will see warmer air return as highs approach 80.

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