Monday, April 6, 2015

April & May Bring Flood Threats

Looking back on my 3 ½ + decades here in new Orleans, my memory tells me our greatest floods happened during April & May as cold fronts lose their push and stall out along the Gulf coast.  This sometimes results in a line of T-Storms moving along the same track (training) dumping 1-2”+ rainfall per hour.   I’m not saying that will happen this weekend, but the set up is there for a front to get hung up near us so we’ll need to pay attention.   The upper air pattern shift takes the persistent east coast trough and shifts it over the west coast.  That will finally bring some rain to California & snows to the higher elevations.   Winter is not done yet out there.  For us, it’s getting too late for any real cold as even the record lows are no longer below freezing.  This week will be more Summer like as highs will be in the 80s with plenty of humidity. 


I’ll talk more tomorrow about  the warm pool of water over the central Gulf and what that might mean for the 2015 Hurricane season.

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Robear said...

Warm pool of water in the central Gulf....?!?! Ohhh, Nooooooooooo!!!! Just what we DO NOT NEED TO HEAR even BEFORE Hurricane Season starts....! Let the ANXIETY BEGIN!!!!